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As you enter into the Realm of Touching Soul, it is our deepest wish that you come to know and understand yourself on a more conscious level, that your life breathes into and through you the deep magical vibrations that are ever present in the structure and design of your human existence.

Sandee's life journey has been deeply rooted in a daily non-routine, filled with family, work, relationships, challenges, grief, elation, studying, remembering, experiencing, journaling, experimenting, learning, teaching, cooking, cleaning, and then, in the blink of an eye, skipping the planet to explore new horizons!

While stepping into humanness is rarely easy, there is profound inner joy emanating from the soul's essence. And as the soul playfully bounces from the human body to the ethers, it eventually gives in to the serious mental desire for physical wholeness and settles into stillness within the flesh, bone and blood of its planetary manifestation.

"Touching Soul," my life work.

It started out at a very young age, with a deep awareness of an intimate connection with something indescribably full, complete, empowering, forever loving, and strong yet gentle. To live this expression, however, was met with descent, humiliation and ridicule. It was the theme of life for many Lightworkers, as they met each day with courage and hope for a different world.

Of course, there were days when loneliness or hopelessness set in, and they just wanted to go home, leave this aweful place and bask once again in the Light and Love that the soul knows so well. Alas, it was not meant to be. That was not in the Divine Plan. With this realization came the understanding, "and this, too, shall pass!" And so it did!

The Scope of the Vision

Confusion is the greatest challenge for those on a soul-charged mission. On one hand, you have the ever-present soul interface, breathing life's rhythms into thoughts, forcing expression in the form of action. And on the other hand, you have people around you, taunting you, instigating you to quit that nonsense and come back to the "real" world.

There is a definite departure there that is no less real than these words that you are reading here and now. I describe it as a constant interplay between the mind, emotions and the inner spirit or "soul." Thoughts, words, impressions, images, feelings, waves of energy or sometimes strikes or blows of phrases, or overwhelming emotions push against the higher perameters of humanness.

The natural reaction is to push back, when indeed, the best action would be to go higher, rise above the limitations to view the next version or expanded awareness of situation or encounter. If a person does not go higher, the same actions and reactions are played out until the person opens the gateway of awareness and looks beyond the recurring cycle for a new way to play the game.

So while all this sounds so unbelievably easy, why are so many people struggling to see, feel, or find that next gateway? In a word, "conditioning." Because this is what is programmed into their psyche. From the moment a person is born, he/she is taught or trained to live, be, exist, think and believe a certain way. Often that way is to follow his/her parents, teachers, elders, community leaders, or those who force their way of life onto others. From there, the rest of a person's life often ends up being about trying to find a sense of balance between what he/she feels deep within on that soul level, and what was programmed into the physical, mental and emotional bodies. All in all, it is tiring and gets old. And if it lasts long enough, a person often succumbs to disease and eventually, death.

But a new day has dawned. We have stepped into a new reality. The process of unfolding is happening as I write this. Our world is changing, ever so slowly, with fits and starts, ease and grace, but ultimately changing for the better.

Your part in all of this is to wake up, become aware of who you truly are. Not just a cashier or accountant, business person, engineer, medical technician or restaurant server. You are a Divine Being having a human experience. In each moment you make a choice to either be aware or live in illusion.

I ask you now to look around you. Become aware of the people who are just following along, living out their addictions, feeding off the systems and pretending none of it matters. And then look deeper. How many people seem to be more tuned in, easy to be around, more caring, giving, and basically seem lighter, brighter, more aware?

I encourage you to begin today, here, in this moment. Notice the person scanning your products at the grocery or convenience store. Pay attention to traffic and how courteous people are. How are you treating people who serve you food or drink at your favorite restaurant? If they are awake, they will strive to put good energy in the food they prepare or serve to you. If they are angry and frustrated, your food may bring this influence to you.

Use your inner power and wisdom to offer love and light to each of them. Give them an extra smile, a warm "thank you" or an extra tip. While these are all physical gifts, they also carry an energetic resonance that is long-lasting. And what you give out will come back to you multiplied.

If you have gotten this far, I would like for you to know that every word on this site brings special blessings. You are a special Being with special Gifts! Open your heart and let love flow! And so it is!



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